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The efficiency of relocation moving service can be enhanced when you have the ready checklist in your hands. It is easy for you to prepare it, if you are aware of the basic elements. Some of the most common elements you can find in the checklist can be summarized in a table.

Article to move


Packing procedure

Labeling and marking


Furniture and Fixture

Large size items

You can think of using wooden boxes with supported cushion. Dismantle and pack in separate boxes if the size is too big to fit in one box

Mark the individual boxes with same code and increasing numbers. It is easy to rearrange during assembly.

The process of packing has to start one or two weeks before shifting.

mattress, linen and accessories

Medium size items

Use corrugated boxes (18" x 12.5" x 3", 28" x 28" x 28", 23" x 17" x 12" and related sizes)

Mark with unique color and number for each box relating to the parent object. Ex:- bed and mattress can have same color code or numeric code

You can pack one day before shifting.

Electrical appliances

Medium size items

Use corrugated boxes (18" x 12.5" x 3", 28" x 28" x 28", 23" x 17" x 12" and related sizes)

Mark all the boxes with same ode and color

Empty the content, unplug and use tight packing with cushion.

Sample packing procedure for relocation checklist

Packing materials

Preferred application


Packing boxes (18" x 12.5" x 3", 28" x 28" x 28", 23" x 17" x 12" and related sizes)

Packing of documents, medicines, electronic items of small size, clothes, toiletries and miscellaneous small and medium size items.

Avoid overstuffing of sensitive electronic items in a single box.

Wooden panels (48”X40”, 48”X45”, 55”X50” or custom size)

Packing of large size electrical appliances like washing machine, refrigerator etc.

Empty all the content, defreeze refrigerator and unplug the cables and pack separately.

Shipping tapes (Acrylic tapes of 40X strength with 1.88” X 50yards length. High quality stripping and strapping for 80+pounds per box)

Packing of large size electrical appliances like washing machine, refrigerator etc.

Make sure it is supported with nailing of the boxes for break free packing.

Transparent Packing cello tapes 50mmX 30meters. High quality adhesive

Use for packing boxes

Single or twin layer of tape can help hold the boxes in place with a weight of less than 40 – 50 pounds per box

Box cutters

Many of the box suppliers send them in open form. You may have to shape them according to your needs. Now you can use the cutters with apes for making your own boxes

It is better you get hold of a box making manual and follow the instructions according to the size of items to be packed.

Sample tips about how to use the packing materials

Relocation Moving Service- Choose the Best Movers

The company you choose makes a lot of difference to the ease or difficulty of your moving task. Most of the efficient services from our company Best movers have a policy of simplifying the procedures for the customers.

·         We provide packing materials at lower costs directly from the manufacturer. Their aim is to see the customers get all the required inventory supplies within the shortest possible time. This will certainly help in quickening the packing procedures. You can also call the company help desk in case you have difficulties in packing. You need to follow the guidelines as given by the experts.

·         We help in getting the best of relocation moving service quotes. You can always compare them with others and choose the best among them. They don’t focus only on getting your orders. Their goal is to make sure you get the best of services from them at the most competitive prices possible.

·         We have the most advanced set of trucks, equipment and tools supported by latest technology. Their infrastructure of IT, hardware, information and agents networks ate spread all over the states of the US. You can literally plan your moving from any origin to any destination.

·         We have a system of prioritizing your schedule based on your plan. All you have to do is to inform them in advance about the dates. They will pre plan and keep things in perfect order.

Relocation Checklist – Make it Perfect

The costs associated with relocation could be around 14% of the total costs associated with vacating, selling, moving, buying (new home), and others.

At our company Best movers we help you shrink this graph further with their cheap relocation moving service at your doorstep today.